I recently hired Fischer auction company to liquidate my business. We figured it was time to call it quits after being in business for 20 years and to retire. I was referred by my attorney, we interviewed them as we’ll as a few other auction company’s, from the minute I met with them I could tell that they we’re very professional and after going over the details with them I knew that they were the best in the business. After agreeing to begin business with them they created a strategic marketing plan and gave me a free appraisal of what all of my assets were worth. After signing the contract they returned a few days later with a crew and went through the whole place organizing, cleaning, and preparing everything for auction. Let me tell you when they were done it was the best I have seen the company look in the 20 years we have been in business. They then held the sale, collected all the funds, and dispersed the goods. It was one of the easiest transactions I had ever experienced. It was amazing what had taken us 20 years to acquire they got rid of in one day, and we didn’t have to lift a finger!!! The process was so smooth! Then within about a week after the auction we had a check in our had for the net proceeds and it was even more than the told me I would get our items. If you ever need to hold an auction there is only one choice in my mind Fischer Auction Co.!!! Thank you again for all you did for us me and my wife are going to enjoy our retirement…
I am a regular customer at Fischer Auction Co. and receive email notices for their upcoming auctions. I recently purchased a commercial sewing machine for a tenth of what they sell for at the stores. When I came to pick up my machine, I was greeted by Don (an employee) and he helped me out so much. They employees are all very helpful and I definitely recommend them!
I was looking to purchase new furniture and a friend of mine told me about this upcoming auction at Legends Furniture. I was not familiar with the process, but I went in and was able to talk to an employee of the company. They walked me through the entire process and answered all of my questions. I ended up purchasing an entire bedroom set for the price that I would have bought one piece of furniture for!! Since I was able to get such a good deal, I ended up buying furniture for my living room too. Now that I know what a great deal I can get, I will always check out Fischer Auction before buying anything from retail stores again!
I am an antique collector and went to an auction that Fischer Auction was holding in Valley Center. I purchased this antique John Deere tractor for a great price and I am so thrilled to grab such a unique item. The process was very easy and had all of my questions answered. Now that I know that about Fischer Auction, I am going to keep an eye open for more antiques that they are selling. I recommend Fischer Auction to others out there looking for unique items at great prices.
I have heard a lot of great things about Fischer Auction Co. so I decided to check out their last auction. I am a business owner in the Construction Industry and I am always looking for good deals on heavy machinery and tools. I picked up a used Cat skid steer for half of what they are sold for usually. The girls in the office were very organized and got me checked out quickly. I was able to pick up my purchase that day and use my skid steer the next. The whole process was quick and easy and what guy doesn’t appreciate that? I highly recommend Fischer Auction Co. to people looking to get a good deal and hassle free shopping.
Our business went south and we had to sell all of our assets. We heard about Fischer Auction from our attorney and decided to give them a try. We spoke to Jeff and he came out to do an appraisal. Once we decided to use them, their guys came out and started setting up the auction. The whole process took less than a few weeks to complete. We were able to sell all of the assets and get out of the building quickly. They helped us out tremendously with this whole process and were very professional throughout the entire deal. Fischer Auction has it together and I will tell everyone I know to use them!
My family and I were moving out of state and we had to get rid of a lot of our household items. I heard about Fischer Auction from a friend and they said they should be able to sell my items for me. I spoke with a lady on the phone and she was able to explain the process in a clear way. I had all my questions answered and I felt comfortable selling my items with them. We brought the items to their warehouse and signed the contract. Once they had the auction, we were paid within a week. I think we got a great deal by using them instead of selling the items by ourselves. If anyone is looking to get rid of items and do not have the time or resources to do it yourself, I would tell you to give Fischer Auction a call and they will help you out!
Fischer Auction Co. is awesome! They have regular warehouse auctions and sell a lot of different items. I bought a few pallets full of glassware for my restaurant at the last auction for practically nothing! To me, this was huge because dishes can be expensive when you have to buy them all the time. The auction process was simple, quick and I was able to pick my items up that day. For people looking to do business in an easy manner, I would go to Fischer Auction Co.
My husband and I got into some financial problems and heard about Fischer Auction from our lawyer, so we thought we would give them a try. This is a sensitive subject for most people including ourselves and we were a little apprehensive about the process. But when we brought our 2010 Chevrolet to their office the staff was very easy going and the process was simple and painless!! For people going through something like this, you can understand how important it is to work with people who are not going to hassle you. They ended up selling the car for top dollar and we were so thrilled. We got a check a week later and paid off the debt. If anyone is having financial problems and need to sell their assets, I highly recommend using Fischer Auction Co. You guys are great!
As a business owner, I know what it takes to run a successful business. My partners and I decided to close our doors after 45 years of being in the business. You can imagine all the assets we had to get rid of, but the employees at Fischer Auction were not intimidated by it. They came in and gave me a plan of what they can do for me. I accepted their plan and I received a free appraisal. Our business is on a 20 acre lot and their guys came in and worked really hard to organize the items and set it up for auction. Fischer Auction was organized and very professional throughout the process. I was able to receive more money than I would have if I sold these items by myself. They sent me my check within a week after the auction was over. I definitely recommend Fischer Auction to anyone looking to liquidate or sell their business. These guys have it together and know what they are doing. Thank you again!